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Is The Timing Right For Starting A Hospice Franchise?

It’s important for you to pick the right franchise opportunity at the right time. The hospice or end-of-life industry is one that will have continued growth (next 20 years), making it resistant to a slowing or fluctuating economy. The Baby Boomers will guarantee future business with people who have a forward vision and are prepared. ClearPath Hospice offers great potential for the right franchisee and yes the timing is perfect.

But what separates one franchise opportunity from another?

  • Is there potential for growth (yes)Hospice Hourglass
  • Can it be done by non-medical business men or women (yes)
  • Is it affordable (yes)
  • Is the support strong and proven (yes)
  • Can territory be protected and guaranteed (yes)
  • Are the training programs developed and insightful (yes)
  • Is the experience, knowledge, and service superior in the industry (yes)
  • Is there an advantage in the marketing process (yes)
  • Is all this sustainable far into the future (yes)

ClearPath provides a comprehensive package of training, alliances, support, and guidance to insure your success. This is the right opportunity at the right time. We offer a complete range of end-of-life services. Statistically hospice organizations can be profitable in six to eight months. Many factors go into this formula for success and we are the experts. All of our agencies were operating profitably within that time frame.

Are there other advantages to a ClearPath Franchise?

  • At present we are the first and only Hospice Franchise agency in the industry with full staff support and Medicare billing knowledge. We are also the first to offer this opportunity on the Internet. Our offering has only recently become a reality because of developments in technology and the innovation of the Internet age. We can now present to non-medical or white-collar men and women the opening of a lifetime.
  • We provide the best RN and LPN caregiver training in the industry. We use a portal to the Internet for some of this training as well as on-site. You can be confident that your staff will be trained and knowledgeable when they enter a patient’s home.
  • We show you why and how to offer staff incentive programs. This will attract and retain top quality personnel. Some of our professional programs include:
    -ClearPath certification program – a proprietary, Internet-based education and training system that includes – Our Rewards recognition and incentive module.
  • ClearPath offers marketing programs designed to help you position yourself as the hospice experts. For example, our ClearPath newsletter program is distributed to referral sources and decision makers on a monthly basis.
  • Utilizing meetings, conferences, training, or our online forums, ClearPath encourages business collaboration and sharing of best-practices models throughout the system.

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