The Right Price

Transforming value for your success

Strength in numbers is the simple philosophy that underpins franchising. This is your
chance to be part of an award winning franchise – ClearPath! You get the opportunity to
work for yourself and, at the same time, you’re supported by the strength and coverage of the ClearPath methods. So you receive the benefit of both worlds.

Behind the scenes ClearPath works together with all franchises to operate as one business.  You are not “out there” alone. One of the primary advantages of a franchise system is the experience, training and business support that you receive from us. Equally important is the combined wisdom and benefit of strength in numbers that our franchise concept provides along with the opportunity to be a part of an organization that has a shared interest in the success of the franchises.

ClearPath encourages franchisees to participate in the Key to Successcontinued improvement of its
system. This is accomplished by supporting open channels of communication and active
franchisee involvement through our periodic meetings and conference calls.

Proven methods of marketing, training, and SUCCESS:

  • culture of support
  • culture of success
  • culture of proven incentives
  • latest technology tools
  • billing and training for all franchises

Changing the face of our profession

Now is a great time for you to join ClearPath. In the face of rising demand for our services, ClearPath continues to build on its history of leadership, commitment to success, and passion for developing innovative solutions on behalf of our franchisees and patients. ClearPath has the opportunity to change the face of the our profession, a chance to break commonly held beliefs of what is achievable while at the same time setting a new standard of excellence in patient advocacy.

We have a small cheat sheet for initial investment.  It will give you some idea of what will be asked, as we analyze your potential.  You may review that by contacting our main office.

For information and a price range, contact Justin Larsen CEO and Executive Franchise Officer,  Click here to be directed to our contact page.

ClearPath Hospice Information

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