Fast Start System

Our “fast start system”

From the very beginning, your marketing begins. New franchise owners start buildingHospice Office Keys
their business in an aggressive yet steady, comfortable and manageable fashion.
Our “fast start” system is a thoroughly researched and tested program.
It begins immediately after training. We help you prepare your “First 100 Patients
Program” in which our proprietary marketing system begins even before you open
your doors. Very professional solicitation is established, and patient phone appointments
are set. These programs offer very attractive incentives for new patients.
In addition, full assistance is provided by our team of experienced and qualifi ed
people. We will be available for any help or discussion with any issue that you may
The ClearPath marketing program is a focused and proven system that produces
cost-effective referral business results. In stark contrast to media-driven approaches,
the focus is targeted solely upon attracting patients that need our services. Our
franchise owners leverage market-tested methods that are second to none, and at
the same time, promotes your business within your community. They are designed
to present a professional image, create trust and are backed up by market research.
These tools are what you’d expect from an industry leader. Used correctly, they
support you in quickly establishing your franchise as the dominant local nospice

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